Planning & Community Development

2040 Transportation Plan Update

We have recently developed the 2040 Transportation Plan (Draft) Update and are currently hosting Public Hearings please check the Town's Meeting's page for listings in the Planning Commission or Town Council Agendas.

Comprehensive Plan 

We have recently completed our 5-year review of the Comprehensive Plan and we need your help! This document is designed to serve as a guiding resource for the future of Ashland. It will be used to provide direction and continuity as our citizens, business, and philanthropic community team with government to maintain and improve our quality of life. Click on the image below or go to the project website to access information on new plan and how you can help turn Ashland's vision and goals into action. 



The Department of Planning and Community Development provides professional advice and technical expertise to the Town Manager, Town Council and its commissions, residents, the business community and the general public on current land use and development issues.

The department assists in guiding development and redevelopment efforts in the community, seeking to maintain the unique character of Ashland. Additional areas of responsibility include enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance, coordination and review of development plans, business support and development, and the enforcement of various property maintenance regulations within Ashland.

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Our Commitment

While focused on a long term commitment to economic vitality, environmental integrity, and development design through the highest quality master plans, plan implementation and development review, the Department of Planning and Community Development commits to providing the community with high-quality, proactive services, and programs to enhance the quality of life of the Town's residents, businesses, and visitors, and to promote a well designed, physically integrated, livable and prosperous community. It shall provide the community with personal attention, accurate and detailed information, and timely responses in a manner that instills public trust and confidence while exceeding service expectation.

If you have questions about either of these zoning districts, please feel free to contact Planning staff at (804) 798-1073.

Ashland by the Numbers

If you want to learn more about our community, check out Ashland by the Numbers, an annual report developed to spark discussion on all things Ashland! Numbers and graphics help us examine preconceptions, analyze trends, identify market positions, and understand our context with other small towns, Hanover County, the Richmond region, and Virginia.