Hill Carter Parkway Repair Project

drone photo showing Hill Carter Parkway damage and repair work

Heavy rains in the month of May caused damage to a section of Hill Carter Parkway between Devereux Drive and Junction Drive, forcing closure of the road while repairs are made to the culvert running underneath the roadway.

Information about this project can be found below- 

Video: Public Works Director presentation to Town Council on June 19, 2018

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7/11/2018 - Hill Carter Parkway is now open and the project is complete! Thank you for your patience!

Hill Carter Parkway is open

7/3/2018 - The concrete for the sidewalk and curb repairs was poured today. The contractor will be off for the rest of the week for the July 4th holiday and to let the concrete set. They will be back on Monday to prepare for paving, which will take place next week.

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7/2/2018 - Northbound Hill Carter Parkway will be closed on July 3, 2018 to repair the damaged sidewalk and concrete.

6/29/2018 - One of the northbound lanes of Hill Carter Parkway has been opened for traffic. The other lane will probably stay closed until all the repairs are done. The contractor continues to backfill the excavation with stone and compact the stone in layers. The plan is to finish backfilling and to pour concrete for repairing the curb by Tuesday, July 3. Paving is anticipated for the week of July 9.

Album: HCP Update 6/29/2018

6/27/2018 - Today the contractor completed the culvert repair and restored the area just downstream that was used as an access to the culvert interior. Repair to the roadway will begin tomorrow and continue as weather allows until the roadway is ready to reopen. We are still targeting July 13 to be complete, but that is very weather dependent, so the schedule may be extended if necessary.

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6/26/2018 - Today only minor cleanup activity will take place while concrete cures.

6/25/2018 - Today the contractor was finally able to pour the “floor” of the arch culvert, which had been scheduled for last Thursday but was delayed due to wet weather. The pictures and video below show the operation in progress.

Album: HCP Update 6/25/18

6/22/2018 - Last night's rain exceeded the capacity of the pump around and breached the temporary dams constructed for the project. No work will take place today due to the continuing rain. Workers plan to return to the area on Sunday to rebuild the dams, with concrete work planned for Monday morning. It is hoped that the drier weather currently forecasted for next week will allow more progress to be made over the next several days.

Album: Video / Image of water breaching upstream / downstream dams

6/21/2018 - Due to the heavy rainfall overnight, we were not able to proceed with pouring the “floor” of the arch culvert as planned. Today the crew has again shored up the dams and is actively pumping water from inside the culvert. As of 2 pm, there was still at least a foot of water in the bottom. It should be pumped down by the end of day.

The concrete floor work is rescheduled for Friday morning. However, there is more rain in the forecast for this evening and overnight. If it is significant enough to breach the dam again, the work will have to be postponed until Monday, June 25.

Check back for additional updates on Friday.