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  1. Business Directory
  2. Internship Request Form - Internships for Local Businesses

    Application form is required in order to participate in the EDA's Internships for Local Businesses program. A intern job description... More…

  1. Gift Certificate Business Sign Up

    For businesses wishing to participate in the Ashland Gift Certificate program, please fill out the following form and submit your... More…

Parks & Recreation

  1. Carter Park Picnic Shelter Reservation Form

    In order to reserve the Carter Park Picnic Shelter, you must complete this form and submit the rental fee to the Treasurer's Office. ... More…

  1. Pool Pass Application

    Complete this form to sign up for an annual pass at Carter Park Pool. Passes can be picked up at Town Hall weekdays between 8:30 AM -... More…

Police Department

  1. Business Night Card Form

    Business Night Card Form

  2. Make a Complaint / Commendation
  3. Traffic Safety Concern Form

    Please use this form to request resources related to a traffic problem. Your request will be directed to the traffic safety unit.

  1. Crime Tip Form

    Please use the Crime Tip Form below to submit any tips or other information that may lead to the solution of a crime in the form below... More…

  2. Property Check Form

Town Clerk

  1. Application for Appointment to Boards or Commissions

    Application for Appointment to the Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, Parks and Recreation Committee, and/or Economic... More…

  2. Council Meeting Invocations

    Complete this form to notify the clerk of council that you're interested in offering an invocation at a town council meeting.

  1. Ashland Citizen Leadership Academy

    Application for the Ashland Citizen Leadership Academy

  2. I Love Ashland Instagram

    Complete this form to register your interest in hosting the "I Love Ashland" community Instagram account.