Accident Reduction

Crash Reduction Initiative

Since 2006, the Ashland Police Department has engaged in a proactive effort to improve traffic safety in the Town of Ashland and reduce traffic accidents.

Traffic crashes include collisions of a motor vehicle with another motor vehicle, person, bicycle or stationary object. In 2017, the Ashland Police Department responded to 311 crashes compared to 297 crashes in 2016. From those responses, the Ashland Police Department investigated 118 reportable crashes compared to 102 reportable crashes investigated in 2016. The number of reportable crashes increased by seven percent (7%) compared to the previous year. The total number of crashes involving injured parties in 2017 was forty-five (45), compared to forty-one (41) crashes resulting in injuries to parties in 2016. The number of crashes resulting in injuries increased by ten percent (10%) compared to the previous year. There was one fatal crash in 2017.

2017 Crash Data

Please drive safely.