Curbside Collection

The Town of Ashland offers curbside brush pickup for all eligible residential properties (only brush and leaves originating from the property itself may be placed at the curb; brush brought in from other locations will NOT be collected).

Acceptable items*

  • Branches and tree/shrub trimmings three inches in diameter or less
  • Leaves and grass/weed clippings
  • Plant cuttings

*Acceptable items with dirt attached to them will NOT be collected

Unacceptable items**

  • Branches, shrubs, and tree trunks larger than three inches in diameter
  • Construction materials
  • Dirt, or anything with dirt attached to it
  • Clumps of grass from bed edging
  • Lumber
  • Pet waste
  • Logs or stumps

**Unacceptable items falling within appropriate size/weight limits may be placed in your trash cart for collection

If piles are found to be unacceptable, the town will leave a note on door as to why we can’t pick it up, and the property owners are responsible for removal. 


  • Place all brush to be picked up at the edge of your property facing the street
  • Avoid placing brush in ditches, gutters, sidewalks, or streets
  • Create a separate pile for loose leaves or/and grass clippings so that they can be collected by the leaf vacuum truck

Brush is collected on a regular basis; if you notice brush at the curb for longer than two weeks, let us know - you can use Request Tracker to submit a brush collection request.

Additional Information

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact the Public Works Administrative Assistant, Jenny Schontag.