Town residents have several options for disposing of leaves in their yard:

Raking leaves to the curb for leaf collection

The Town’s loose leaf collection equipment operates in November and December, with additional collections in January if needed and again in March / April for spring clean-up. The leaf vacuum runs on a scheduled route through the Town as weather permits (a.k.a. not raining / snowing / below freezing), and the November / December collection schedule is posted on the website every October.

Bagging leaves for brush collection
Another option is to bag leaves and set them out to be collected as brush. This is a recommended choice for those who do not wish to wait for leaf collection by the vacuum truck and is available throughout the year. Collection of bagged leaves can be requested by selecting “Brush Collection Request” on the website’s Request Tracker, which can be accessed by clicking on the “Report a Concern” button. Like other brush collection, bagged leaves can often be collected in less than two weeks and usually within a few days.

Other leaf disposal options

Taking leaves to the Elmont Convenience Center (located at 11045 Lewistown Road in Ashland) is another option for disposing of leaves. As Hanover residents, all Town residents have free access, where leaves can be taken year-round.

Mulching your leaves back into the lawn is an option that actually eliminates the need for leaf disposal. Moreover, studies have shown that this process can improve the quality of your turf! Check out this interesting article in Fine Gardening.

Residents are reminded that the burning of leaves is not allowed in the Town of Ashland.