Curbside Recycling

How to Recycle

Most Ashland residents can participate in convenient collection of recyclables from the curb. Recycling is easy and benefits the environment. Just follow these three easy steps:

Get a Cart

One 96-gallon wheeled / lidded cart is provided for each eligible household (additional carts may be purchased through the Central Virginia Waste Management Authority website).

Fill it Up

The following materials are accepted for recycling:
  • YES - Cardboard and corrugated cardboard boxes
  • YES - Glass bottles and jars - Clear, brown, and green food and beverage containers
  • YES - Mixed paper - Newspaper, magazines, catalogs, computer paper, junk mail, cereal and other paperboard, boxes and paper bags
  • YES - Plastic #1 - #7 containers
  • YES - Waxy-coated cartons and boxes (such as milk cartons and juice boxes)
  • YES - Steel and aluminum cans - Aluminum beverage cans, metal cans, including food and beverage cans
  • YES - Plastic caps and lids - place back on containers when recycling
The following materials are NOT accepted for recycling:
  • NO - Plastic bags, plastic bagged recyclables
  • NO - Food contaminated items
  • NO - Shredded paper
  • NO - Batteries and electronics
  • NO - Garden hoses and extension cords (any tangler)
  • NO - Drinking glasses, window glass and ceramics
  • NO - Loose plastic bottle caps
  • NO - Metal caps (loose or attached)
If you have an item you are unsure about, ask us first!

Set it Out

Collection day is every other Monday. You can view the collection schedule for printing or downloading (Ashland's collection falls on the Red Mondays); you may also sign up to receive text and email reminders (on our Notify Me page, select Trash/Recycling Reminders & Notices under Alert Center). If you have any other questions about recycling or your recycling is not collected on the scheduled day, you can call the Recycling Hotline at (804) 340-0900.

Recycling Perks
Recycling Perks is a program offered by the CVWMA that allows residents to earn points for recycling. The points can then be redeemed for discounts and coupons at local retailers and restaurants. To register for this program, visit

Alternate Location Collection

If you are unable to take your recycling to the curb on account of limited mobility due to age or a medical condition, please contact the town to find out about alternate location collection.