Best Management Practices

The town requires that all newly developed sites, such as shopping centers, office parks, industrial sites, and residential subdivisions, construct on-site stormwater management structures, referred to as Best Management Practices (BMPs). These BMPs vary in type, but typically are wet or dry ponds.

BMPs filter stormwater or allow contaminants to settle out before stormwater is released to natural streams. Owners of BMPs are required sign a Maintenance Agreement to inspect and maintain BMPs in a manner acceptable to the Town. The Department of Public Works enforces the inspection and maintenance of BMPs on a regular periodic basis.

A regular maintenance and inspection program will save money and time. Check out these Stormwater Handbooks from the Department of Environmental Quality. They outline the basic maintenance and planning tasks to help keep BMPs functioning properly.

The Environmental Protection Agency also has a wealth of information regarding the many different types of BMPs and how to maintain them.

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