2015 CLA graduates
We asked graduates about the Ashland Citizen Leadership Academy in an anonymous survey. Here's what they told us:

"I am honored and thankful to have participated in this year's Ashland Citizen Leadership Academy.  Ashland is a great town with great leadership and, through this program, is building an even greater community."
~ Steven Sawyer, Class of 2017

 "[The Ashland Citizen Leadership Academy] was very well done in my humble opinion. I never cared much for bureaucracy or local government workings because I didn't know how or even cared to know how they worked. This has sparked an interest in these things as well as made me get out of myself and see that there are real people, genuinely concerned about our Center of The Universe who care and believe they can make a difference." ~ Graduate, Class of 2015

"This was a great experience and I learned so much, and have a new appreciation for everyone that works for the Town and all that they do." ~ Graduate, Class of 2015

"Each session was very well done. Enough of each topic was broached and talked about. I really wouldn't change a thing." ~ Graduate, Class of 2015

"[The sessions of the Ashland Citizen Leadership Academy] were all very interesting and well planned. There never seemed to be enough time... My favorites allowed us to meet other key people in our community and actually see how they do their jobs." ~ Graduate, Class of 2015

"[The Ashland Citizen Leadership Academy] gave good insight into how the money flows, and therefore what the priorities are." ~ Graduate, Class of 2015

"High five!" ~ Graduate, Class of 2015

"Very impressed by our town staff. Thank you." ~ Graduate, Class of 2015