Disposing of chemicals, paints, oils, and other fluids

When liquid wastes such as fats, oil, grease, paint, household chemicals, and automotive fluids are disposed of improperly, they can potentially end up entering the stormwater system and polluting of our waterways.

Place used cooking fats and oils in cans or jars before disposing of them to help to contain the liquids. Before throwing away old paint cans that still have paint in them, mix sawdust or kitty litter in with the paint to help prevent seepage. For oil, oil filters, antifreeze, gasoline, solvents, and automobile fluids, take them to one of Hanover County’s convenience centers for safe and free disposal. Elmont Convenience Center is the closest convenience center and is located at 11045 Lewistown Road in Ashland. You can learn more about proper disposal of hadardous waste on the Hanover County website.