2025 Town Election

Voter Information

Below is a list of commonly asked questions and corresponding answers about Town Council elections. If there are any further questions about upcoming county, state, or federal elections, they can be addressed to the Hanover County Voter Registration & Elections Office. The Hanover County  Voter Registration & Elections Office can be reached by EMAIL or by phone at (804) 365-6080.

  • Q: When is the next Town Council election? 
    • A: The next Town Council election will take place on Tuesday, November 4, 2025. 
  • Q: Where do I cast my vote?  
  • Q: What time do the polls open and close?
    • A: Polling locations will open to voters at 6:00 AM. Polls will close at 7:00 PM. Additional information about polling locations and services can be found on the Hanover County Voting Webpage.
  • Q: I would like to vote but I am not registered. Where can I register to vote? 
  • Q: I can not vote on election day. How do I vote absentee? 
  • Q: I am on active duty in the United States Military and cannot vote in person on November 2nd. How do I vote absentee?

Candidate Information 

Individuals interested in running for Town Council must follow the Virginia Department of Elections' candidacy filing requirements to qualify as a candidate in the 2025 Town Council election. Contact Hanover County’s Elections Office at 804-365-6080 for more information. 

See FAQs below and click here for more information on running for local office.

  • Q: What is Ashland Town Council?
    • A: Citizens of Ashland elect a five-member council to direct and establish the goals and policies of the Town. These elected and appointed officials represent the people of Ashland and are responsible for adopting all ordinances and resolutions for the Town. You can learn more about Town Council and Ashland’s current council members here
  • Q: Are Town Council Members Compensated?
    • A: As of July 1, 2023, Councilmembers are given an annual stipend of $8,568, and the Mayor is provided a stipend of $10,272 annually. 
  • Q: What kind of time commitment is required?
    • A: Each elected or appointed official serves a staggered four-year term. Council meets at least twice each month and each Councilmember can be appointed as a liaison to various local and regional organizations and committees, such as PlanRVA and Downtown Ashland Association, that also meet on a regular basis. Additional work sessions are occasionally held by Town Council to discuss certain topics, such as the Town’s annual operating and capital budget and the Town’s strategic plan. 
  • Q: When is the next Town Council election?
    • A: Tuesday, November 4th, 2025. 
  • Q: How many seats are up for election in 2025?
    • A: Two of the five Town Council seats will be open during the 2025 election cycle. 
  • Q: Who can run for Town Council?
    • A: All individuals that meet the following residency and voter registration requirements are encouraged to run! To become a candidate you MUST:
  • Q: I'm eligible AND interested! How do I become a candidate?

Late and/or incomplete forms will not be accepted. Forms can be filed via mail (P.O. Box 419 / Hanover, VA 23069), email, or delivered in person to: Wickham Building / 7497 County Complex Road / Hanover, VA 23069 

QUESTIONS? Contact Hanover County Election Office or 804-365-6080 for election forms and process questions, and contact Doug Goodman, Town Clerk, for questions about Town Council roles and responsibilities. 

For more information on running for elected office in Virginia, please contact the Virginia Department of Elections (804-864-8901, TTY 711 or info@elections.virginia.org) or visit their website for up-to-date information. 

Thank you for your interest in serving on Ashland’s Town Council and good luck!