Parking Information

Parking is at a premium for Ashland visitors. Whether you are here to shop, dine, or perhaps a longer stay for an Amtrak trip, please use the following resources to guide your adventure:

Map of Public Parking in Downtown Ashland

 - This map shows the locations of public parking as well as any time constraints Additionally, below are the addresses to the main parking lots located east and west of the railroad tracks, along with their respective links in Google Maps:

Parking on the West Side of the Tracks
Ashland Downtown Municipal Parking Lot
109 Hanover Avenue, Ashland, VA 23005
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Parking on the East Side of the Tracks
Ashland Library Municipal Parking Lot
105 Robinson Street, Ashland, VA 23005
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Upcoming Events

Certain festivals, charity runs, and utility work may impact parking. If you are leaving your vehicle for an extended period of time, make sure your vehicle will be left in a parking area not impacted by the following events:

  • Ashland Half Marathon - August 28, 2021 NOTE: portions of the on-street parking north and west of the train station will not allow parking on this date. If you need advice on parking, please call Captain Kemp at 804-412-0600 or email at 
  • Ashland Harvest Run - October 16, 2021
  • Train Day - April 30, 2022 NOTE: parking in the downtown area of Ashland will be extremely limited during this event. Please contact Chief Doug Goodman at 804-412-0603 for specific parking direction should you need to leave your vehicle in Town for this date.
Visit these sites for more event information: and

Long-Term Parking Form

 - If you are leaving your vehicle for an extended period of time, fill out this form so that we can contact you if your vehicle needs to be moved.