Kathy Abbott

Kathy AbbottWhat would you like voters to know about you?

My family and I have lived in Ashland for 20 years, and we've always been very active in the community. I've been a volunteer for various organizations and served on many boards through the years. In 2016, I was elected to my first term on Town Council. I absolutely love being a Council Member and serving the Town that I adore.

What characteristics or principles are most important for a member of Ashland's Town Council to possess?

Dedication, diplomacy, and devotion to learning about the Town and every matter that comes before us. But perhaps the most important characteristic for a Council member is to always remember that you represent the people who elect you and must listen intently to their comments and concerns. Citizen input must be weighed heavily in any decision-making.

What is the biggest issue facing the Town of Ashland, and how might you suggest the community/Town address it?

One of the long-term threats will always be the need for increased railroad capacity, and what the implications are for Ashland. Not only the possibility of additional tracks, but the impacts of longer trains, more trains, and rail congestion on Ashland's vehicle and pedestrian traffic and the quality-of-life of our citizens. Council and staff must stay on top of any developments at the state and national levels, and be proactive in planning for, and responding to, whatever might be coming.

What three words would you use to describe Ashland?

Diverse. Nurturing. Inventive.

Why do you want to serve in public office?

The character and sense of place that makes Ashland such a wonderful place to live and work needs to be protected, whether through strategic and comprehensive planning or in the decisions we make on the projects and issues we face on a regular basis. I want the Ashland of tomorrow to be just as loved and innovative as Ashland is today, if not more so!