Boards & Committees


In addition to the town council, residents of Ashland may serve on one of four local governing bodies. These include the board of zoning appeals, economic development authority, parks and recreation committee, and the planning commission. These bodies play an essential role in eliciting constructive citizen input, bringing together the professional opinions of members removed from day-to-day administration of the town, and making well considered recommendations for action to the town council.

Citizens that serve on a local board, committee, or commission become more familiar with our community, develop leadership skills, help influence important decisions about local government policies, and are rewarded with the satisfaction that comes with giving their time to serve their fellow citizens.

Members of a board, committee or commission in the Town of Ashland are appointed by the Ashland Town Council. Citizens interested in serving are encouraged to attend a meeting of the body where they are interested in participating. Applications to serve on a governing body appointed by the town council should be returned to the town clerk.