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Internship Request Form - Internships for Local Businesses

  1. Internships for Local Businesses

    Thank you for your interest in this program which provides reimbursement for wages paid to interns placed through Randolph-Macon College's The Edge Career Center. If you are interested in offering an unpaid internship, do not submit a form here, just contact The Edge Career Center at 804-752-7340. Please keep in mind that submittal of this request does not guarantee or imply acceptance into this program. You will be notified of acceptance by separate email.

  2. Taxes & Fees*

    I confirm that my business is current on all taxes and fees for the Town.

  3. Location*

    I confirm my business is located within town boundaries

  4. Business License*

    My business has a current business license with the Town

  5. Are you an alumni of Randolph-Macon College?*

  6. Semester for Internship*

  7. 15 hours/week is the suggested maximum. 30+ hours/week triggers eligibility for benefits.

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  10. I have read, understand and will comply with the requirements for this program and I certify that the information provided for this application is true and correct. I hereby acknowledge my application for a grant and do authorize the Town of Ashland staff to obtain verification from any source named in this application.*

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