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Residential Permit Parking District Application

  1. Residential Parking Permit Details:

    As of August 1st, 2023, residential parking permits are required for on-street parking in District A and District B, specifically:

    District A:

    • The areas North of England Street bounded on the east by Washington Highway, bounded on the West by Henry Street and south of Berkley Woods Drive, but not including Berkley Woods Drive.
    • College Avenue beginning at 205 continuing east ending at the 500 block of College Avenue.
    • Calhoun St. to Caroline Street.
    • North Taylor Street any area contiguous to private property not owned by the college.
    • Louisiana Street in its entirety.
    • Caroline Street from the 400 block to Washington Highway.
    • Macon Circle in its entirety.
    • Randolph Circle in its entirety.
    • Henry Place in its entirety.

    District B

    • Henry Street beginning at 509 and ending at Berkley Street (houses to the south have prohibited parking in place)
    • Berkley Woods Dr. in its entirety
    • Old Station Street in its entirety
    • A Street in its entirety
    • B Street in its entirety
    • North Center Street beginning at 601 and continuing north ending at the intersection of Berkley Street

    If you have questions about your need for a Residential Parking Permit, please email: or call (804) 798-9219.

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    Please read: Town Code of Ashland Section 10-100 thru 108 before checking and submitting.

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